Fit N4 Fitness

What is Fit N 4 Fitness?

I believe four-minute workouts can be so effective in torching calories along with building muscle. In order for this to happen, each four-minute workout is programmed to be a HIIT (high intensity interval training) full-body workout to include cardio, lower & upper body, and core exercises. A “HIIT” workout is YOUR VERSION of high intensity. You are given modifications for each exercise, as well as ways to make them more challenging too. It will be up to you to listen to your body and make every move the most challenging move for you. Anyone can “give it their all” for four minutes!

In addition to fitness, FIT N 4 promotes healthy eating and living. I believe it is best to evolve into a healthy lifestyle by giving specific nutrition challenges to build on, versus expecting someone to change a lifetime of eating and drinking habits overnight.